Cocktail Menu


Dirty Mojito – $16

The house favourite, Kracken black spiced rum w mint infused syrup, fresh lime & brown sugar

Hot Buttered Rum – $12

This is the cocktail equivalent of a comfort food. Our house combination of winter spiced butter and Captain Morgan create a perfect winter warmer

eXXXpresso Martini – $16

Smirnoff infused in house with Double Roasters espresso & vanilla shaken over ice with a healthy measure of chocolate liqueur sunk to the bottom

Uncle Andy’s Hot Mulled Cider – $8

Painstakingly crafted from a secret recipe. It’s warm, it’s strong & its good for what ails ya! Feat. Pipsqueak Apple Cider, Captain Morgan, Fireball whiskey and Kangaroo Island Honey Rum

Reign in Blood – $16

Cooper’s heavy metal rendition of the classic bloody mary. Smirnoff & tequila feature alongside Frank’s Red Hot sauce, cucumber & celery salt. Slay your hangover!

Coconut Cream Soda – $15

Loved by the ladies and tough blokes comfortable drinking pink. Smirnoff citrus slush swimming in a bath of creaming soda & Malibu

Pisco Sour – $17

The pride of Peru – Pisco, served the way it’s meant to be. A delicate balance of sour & sweet w a smooth meringue foam


Balls in Cider – $23

Fireball whiskey & Pipsqueak apple cider with elderflower liqueur. Everyone loves Balls in Cider

Red Devil – $26

Smashed fresh strawberries, Polish bison grass vodka with mint & apple, topped with a Red Bull and cranberry float. It’s wicked!

What A Melon – $25

Fruity & refreshing, watermelon & elderflower liqueurs shaken w Smirnoff & finished w soda, fresh watermelon & mint

Tea Time in Tokyo – $25

A Chamomile & Matcha vodka infusion & elderflower liqueur over the rocks with apple, lime and house made ginger beer

Sangria el Blanco – $22

Cooper’s secret blend of liqueurs, dry white wine, spices, juices & fresh fruit topped w soda